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February 8, 2012

Dear Neighbors,

The Alaska State Legislature is in full motion, and I have been hard at work standing up for issues that are important to Fairbanks and the Interior. It is not always an easy battle, but with the help and cooperation of the Interior Delegation, I am encouraged by the dialogue with the rest of the Legislature.
While we have been busy in Juneau advocating for Interior issues, we know Fairbanks is facing some tough news. Last week we received word of the Department of Defense’s plans to relocate the Eielson Air Force squadron to Anchorage and retire four C-130 transport aircraft at Elmendorf. I signed onto a letter to the United States Department of Defense with the rest of the Interior Delegation advocating against these devastating plans. The Alaska Congressional Delegation has also spoken out to the department in opposition. Aside from directly a population of almost 100,000, moving this hub of national security leaves Alaska and the United States vulnerable. Don Young was poignant in his comments on this issue:

“We should not be moving personnel and equipment - especially C-130s that are crucial to search and rescue missions throughout Alaska - farther from the Arctic when we’re on the verge of finally realizing the potential of what the Arctic has to offer. I believe Fairbanks has a vital role in America’s military future and quite frankly serves as the northern anchor of the Pacific Rim and this country’s gateway to the Arctic.”

I don’t believe it is wise, or prudent, to shut down a base that is strategically located for the benefit of the United States of America or Alaska. Instead, we should be talking about expanding our military, exploring options such as the naval base proposed in Nome.
The UA Student Coalition visited us this week to advocate for statewide support for higher education, and UAF was well represented.
The UA Student Coalition visited us this week to advocate for statewide support for higher education, and UAF was well represented.

Legislation on the Move

HB 145 – K-12 Scholarship Program (School Vouchers)
A bill narrowly moved through the House Education Committee last week that would allow funding to be received by students who make the decision to attend a private school. The bill, as it is currently written, would give state dollars to schools that do not have the same accountability and transparency that is currently present in our public school system. I spoke out against this bill in the Education Committee, and shared my reasons with KTVA Channel 11 earlier this week.
Corporations are not people! Yet, in a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as “people” to influence elections. That ruling reversed decades of settled Supreme Court precedent saying states could limit the election spending of corporations. This legislation would restrict corporations (including foreign corporations) from spending beaucoup dollars to influence an election.
This Thursday, HJR 33, a resolution urging the United States Congress and President to amend the US Constitution preventing corporations to be considered “persons” will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee, and I am eager to hear the discussion. I hope we can gain enough support to stop the unfair influence of money in elections that drowns out the human voices of Alaskan residents.
VIDEO: Corporate Personhood: A Message from Rep. Kawasaki
VIDEO: Corporate Personhood: A Message from Rep. Kawasaki
HCR 10 - Waste to Energy Resolution
An innovative and exciting resolution focused on creating affordable energy for Alaskan communities by turning municipal solid waste into energy unanimously passed out of the House Special Committee on energy this week. As the primary sponsor of the bill, Representative Petersen (D-Anchorage) testified “from Anchorage to the smallest villages, everyone produces garbage they need to get rid of, and everyone benefits from cheaper, local ways to generate power.” Waste to energy technologies are already used in Alaska, on Eielson Air Force Base, and have been widely successful in over 20 other states. As a cosponsor of HCR 10, I am excited to see fellow legislators embracing creative, proactive and sustainable solutions to start meeting our energy needs, and look forward to implementing these technologies in the Interior.
Show me the Money

The Interior Delegation continues to advocate for energy relief. To demonstrate the actual economic hardship consumers face with high energy prices, I am asking you to send your physical energy bills to our office. You can send them in by mailing them to our Juneau office, emailing me directly at, or connecting with me through Facebook.
I am in Juneau on your behalf. Please keep in touch.
Working Hard for Fairbanks Families,
Scott Kawasaki
Alaska State Representative
District 9 – Fairbanks
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