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August 15, 2011

Back to School!
Watch Out for 20 Mile an Hour School Zones and Increased Pedestrian Activity

Dear Neighbors,

As many of you may know, the Anchorage School District will be starting school tomorrow on Tuesday, August 16th.

Besides a change of pace for families with children, the character of our neighborhoods will change too. Anyone who lives near a school knows how busy early morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times can get.

Please watch out for flashing yellow lights around school zones and remember to be conscientious and use safe driving practices to keep our future generations safe, healthy and productive in the new school year!

To keep our children safe, please remember to drive carefully through the school zones. The Anchorage School District produces maps of walking routes, bus routes and bus stops for children, so that we know where to expect them.

I encourage parents to take advantage of the school bus system. It helps reduce traffic congestion around our schools, and is a safe and reliable way for children to get to and from school.

This time of year always serves as a fresh reminder that we must work hard together to give our children opportunities for a good life. My education goals include making learning relevant and engaging for children, helping parents provide early education, enhancing a safe learning environment, and assuring funding for school maintenance.

I want to offer my deep thanks and admiration to all the parents, teachers, and school staffers who work so hard for our youth. Thank you for your service. It takes a community to support our children so they may grow to their full potential.

If you are a parent or guardian of a child attending Campbell Elementary School, you might wish to stop by for tonight’s Campbell PTA Ice Cream Social from 5:00 – 7:00 P.M. It is a great way to get involved in your child’s education and I would love to see you there.

Rep. Tuck greets students to Campbell Elementary School.
Rep. Tuck greets students to Campbell Elementary School.

The legislature worked hard last session to make sure that the schools serving children for our area received a fair share of state funding in the Capital Budget. Here is a list of the projects that received funding:

Campbell Elementary School Classroom Projectors - $40,000
Campbell Elementary School Desk and Chair Replacement - $20,000
Campbell Elementary School Playground Equipment and Safety Surface Upgrades - $250,000

Spring Hill Elementary School CCTV/Security System Upgrade - $175,000
Spring Hill Elementary School Site Upgrades - $36,000

Hanshew Middle School Gym Renovation - $50,000
Hanshew Middle School Library Upgrade -$176,000

Mears Middle School Engineering Program Expansion - $30,000
Mears Middle School Gym Lighting – $35,000

Romig Middle School Furniture Upgrade - $65,000
Romig Middle School Interactive Display Technology – $62,500
Romig Middle School Library Furniture Upgrade - $60,000
Romig Middle School Scoreboard and Clock - $30,000

Dimond High School Engineering Academy Expansion - $50,000

West High School Cafeteria Upgrade – $50,000
West High School Classroom Furniture - $75,000
West High School Distance Learning Computer Technology - $400,000
West High School Interactive Display Technology - $62,500

Service High School Field Turf – 2,100,000
Service High School Entry Doors $20,000
Service High School Leak Repairs – $15,000

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. I hope you will free to call my office anytime at 269-0240 or send me an email at if I can assist you in any way, or if you would just like to share your thoughts and opinions.

I'm here for you,

[signed] Chris Tuck
Chris Tuck
Alaska State Representative
District 29 – Anchorage

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· Road construction work on the Seward Highway, from Potter Marsh to Dowling Road, is scheduled to begin the week of May 8 and continue through mid-August.

· Beginning Friday, May 13th, expect nightly lane restrictions, flagging operations and short delays between 8:00pm and 5:00am.

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